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Betting Gods Premium Review

You may have heard of the Betting Gods, their website is here

I have known of them for a few years and would say they are a trustworthy, even respectable outfit. They have several tipsters that they work with and they publish figures including profit and loss so you know what you are getting into. They ensure all their tipsters are profitable so you know you are not going to be scammed. Obviously that doesn't stop bad runs of form but it does give you some peace of mind.

Their Premium Service costs just £7.99 a month and for that you get a selection of 6 tips every day by email, four "premium" tips and their two usual free ones. Now I am not sure how they select their premium tips, they are trying to drum up more business for their other tipsters though so it makes sense for them to send you what they consider to be their best ones every day.

Here's the write up of how I've found their service so far.

Monday 20th November 2023

I won't go into too much detail about the tips as there are so many, but they arrived at 9 AM (this service is very reliable) and it was a mix of horse racing and football, odds were from 1.3 up to 12.0 and I was able to place them all quite easily.

Another thing I like about this service is they give clear instructions about stake sizes, how many points to put on.

Two winners today at 3.7 and 1.3 saw a small loss, half a point.

Tuesday 21st November 2023

Today saw a bet that I couldn't place as it was on a slightly obscure tennis market and I am using SkyBet for this review - this is my own fault as they do tell you which bookies to use for the best odds. This is another thing to bear in mind though as to extract maximum profit from the tips you really need to be using several bookies, at least 4 I would say to cover most bases. If you are a serious punter looking to make anything like a serious income though, you really should be doing this or you are leaving money on the table. So overall this is another good aspect of this tipping service.

The other 5 bets were all on the horses, middle of the road odds and we had two winners giving a profit of 2.5 pts - the tennis bet would also have won had I placed it giving another 1 point of profit if I'd backed it.

Rolling P/L +2.5 pts

Wednesday 22nd November 2023

All horse racing tips today, a couple from South Africa but I was able to place them all no problems and another two winners including one at 6.1 saw a profit of 10.7 points!

Rolling P/L +13.2 pts

Thursday 23rd November 2023

A mix of horse racing and handball tips, I've never bet on this sport before but the tips were easy to place even if the odds were quite short, but they both won so no complaints.

The horse racing tips were a bit disappointing with only 1 winner from 3 (one was a void due to the weather) so small loss overall today of 1pt

Rolling P/L +12.2 pts

Friday 24th November 2023

Another day of mainly horse racing tips and one tennis tip that I was able to back.

Just the one winner today but odds and stakes suggested mean another profitable day with 1pt added to the total.

Rolling P/L +13.2 pts

Saturday 25th November 2023

Epic day today, all horse racing tips and every one a winner giving 21.7 points of profit! Included an 8/1 winner!

Rolling P/L +34.9 pts

26th-28th November 2023

A few poor days followed after that monster day but even still there were some winners, but these three days overall saw a loss of 11 points

Rolling P/L +23.9 points

Wednesday 29th November 2023

Another all winning day - low odds though so just 6 points of profit for this one.

Rolling P/L +29.9 points

Thursday 30th November 2023

A poor one today with just one winner, 4 points lost.

Rolling P/L +28.9 pts

Friday 1st December 2023

Another decent day with 4 out of six winners but modest odds and stakes saw a profit of 4 pts.

Rolling P/L + 32.9pts

2nd-6th December 2023

A few steady away days with the odd winner but overall nothing special, still returned a modest 2 point profit over these days.

Rolling P/L +34/9 pts

7th December 2023

Mediocre day with a couple of winners and a 20/1 shot placing but overall a loss of 1 point today.

Rolling P/L +33.9 pts

8th December 2023

Decent day if nothing special with a couple of horses winning for us, total was 2 points profit today.

Rolling P/L +35.9 pts

9-10th December 2023

Mediocre couple of days with a 1 point loss on the Friday and a 1 point gain on the Saturday, so net neutral.

Rolling P/L 35.9 pts

11th-12th December 2023

Another decent couple of days, some good wins on the horses giving 10 more points of profit.

Rolling P/L 45.9 pts

13th-16th December 2023

Poor few days with a small loss overall of 2.5pts, I am using the odds I got with SkyBet which are certainly not as good as the advertised odds, my recommendation is to use a betting exchange such as Betfair as they generally offer better odds. Had I got the advertised odds this loss would in fact be a small profit.

Rolling P/L +42.4 points

17th-22nd December 2023

This update takes us up to the Christmas break and it's been a poor run with 9 points of losses. Once thing I have noticed is that some of the tipsters they use give their tips the night before, meaning the odds have often changed.

Rolling P/L +33.4 points

Overall verdict so far is positive, the service does return a profit for a modest outlay. I am giving a caveat here that the profit was made during the first week or so of the review, you will see I was up 34 points by November 25th in other words after just 5 days. Since then it's only returned another 1 point of profit over the next 15 days, so is it a fluke?

I will continue with this review to see how it progresses over a longer timeframe.

Note that the P/L figures are using the odds I got with SkyBet, if you used other bookies you could do much better than I have been doing. The best option would be to use Oddschecker or a similar site, or even just using BetFair would probably see higher returns.

I should also mention here that I am in no way affiliated with Betting Gods, this is a genuine review from an ordinary customer of theirs.