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30 Bets to £1k Review

The claims on this website are simple, starting with a bank of £100 over the course of 30 bets you will end up with £1,000 or more.

The website is run by Peter Hammersley, and you can see it here (or you could, see the end of the review): Peter claims to have been making a full-time living from betting for over 3 years.

When I joined this, to take part in the sequence starting on 20th November, the charge was a very modest £25.

The concept is simple, place two bets a day, usually a win bet and an each way option. The recommended stakes are £10 to start with, increasing by £10 every time the bank doubles.

The blurb on the website and the example given from the first successful run, indicates a strike rate of almost 50% with 14 winners, 15 losers and one voided bet, or 48.3% to be precise. I am including places e/w tips as winners here.

It's a simple system, emails are sent around 10AM each day to advise what horses to back and the stakes to use, it's really easy and minimal amount of time needed.

Odds are nothing special, the win tips tend to be around 3/1 up to 8/1 with the each way tips 10/1 up to 20/1. But with the claimed level of success, those odds are perfectly good. One thing that made me a little suspicious is that the example took exactly 30 bets to hit the £1,000 mark ending up with a grand total of £1,129 by the fifteenth day.

Anyway, here's how my experience played out.

Day One - 20th November 2023

As promised the email arrived just after 10AM and the horses tipped were as follows:

Win Bet - Makin'yourmindup 7/2 - 3.30 Exeter

EW Bet - Outrace 11/1 - 4.30 Kempton

The win bet lost but the e/w bet was placed, I got the advertised odds so made a small loss overall, had I used the £10 stakes suggested it's a loss of £4 and Peter showed this on his email the next day. Which begs the quesiton why pick an e/w tip that overall gives a loss, I suppose it did reduce the loss to about half what it would have been and the chance of it winning would have posted a good profit. Anyway, onto day 2.

Day Two - 21st November 2023

The email arrived as expected, one good thing about this service is the communications are clear and reliable.

Win Bet - Forgotten Treasure 11/2 - 5.15 Wolverhampton

EW Bet - Barbaha Queen 16/1 - 1.35 Limerick

Both of these lost and I was only able to get 11/1 on the e/w choice so alway remember that odds are crucial. It didn't matter here as neither horse returned a profit.

Day Three - 22nd November 2023

Win Bet - Malangen 7/2 - Hexham 1.20

EW Bet - Pallasmore Lass 18/1 - 5.15 Dundalk

Two more losses today, I actually got slightly better odds than those given not that it mattered.

Days Four to Seven - 23rd - 26th November

Nothing but losses, I won't bore you with the details but another 8 losses on the bounce over the four days, the bank is now down to a princely £1 if you'd followed the staking plan.

Day Eight - 27th November 2023

I was curious to see what happens today as we've effectively blown the bank, would there be an apology, an offer of a refund or something else?

No! The email came just after 10AM as usual and simply said, we've had a bad run, stick another £100 in the bank and off we go again! We're now going to turn -£100 into a grand in 14 bets!

As I am reviewing this system and it does have another week to run, I will bear with it and continue, but I am only using £1 stakes! Today's tips as below:

Win Bet - Oslo 4/1 - 3.35 Kempton

EW Bet - Deadly Missile 18/1 - 1.40 Ludlow

Both losers.

Day Nine - 28th November 2023

Win Bet - Prince Nino 5/1 - 1.20 Sedgefield

EW Bet - Ivane 14/1 - 2.00 Tramore

Both losses today.

Day Ten - 29th November 2023

Win Bet - Ooh Betty 8/1 - 2.35 Hereford

EW Bet - Ballyquin Bay 12/1 - 1.35 Kelso

Sit down for this, we had a winner today! The win bet came in at 8.5 so we see the bank (if you'd used the recommended stakes and advised odds) standing at £141 - this is still down £59 overall but it does show how quickly things can potentially turn round. I am still going to be fairly amazed if we see anything like the £1,000 target reached in the next 8 bets though, but fingers crossed!

Day Eleven - 30th November 2023

Win Bet - French Dynamite 5/1 - 12.40 Thurles

EW Bet - Robins Field 11/1 - 3.30 Lingfield

Neither won or placed today.

Day Twelve - 1st December 2023

Win Bet - Richhill 15/2 - 12.40 Newbury

EW Bet - Abiding Star 10/1 - 5.30 Dundalk

The each way tip placed which reduce the overall loss, but still a loss overall for the day.

Day Thirteen - 2nd December 2023

Win Bet - Clear White Light 7/1 - 1.31 Doncaster

EW Bet - Kitty's Light 22/1 - 2.50 Newbury

Starting to see a bit of form now with another winner, that's two winners and a place in the last three days but still showing a loss overall.

Day Fourteen - 3rd December 2023

Win Bet - Farren Glory 15/2 - 1.25 Fairyhouse

EW Bet - Flamborough 12/1 - 3.10 Fairyhouse

Another winner today! Too late now to get anywhere near the £1k target but we do now have chance of ending up in profit at least.

Day Fifteen - Tuesday 5th December

Win Bet - Liberty Breeze 17/2 - 5:30 Wolverhampton

EW Bet - Midnight Flame 20/1 - 5:00 Wolverhampton

The each/way bet placed, so overall if you'd stuck to the staking plan and got the advertised odds, you'd be sat on a modest profit of £37 (Net £12 including the membership fee). Of course with the rather poor early form you'd have to be very disciplined to continue staking those sums, but it does go to show how important discipline is.

Day Sixteen - Eighteen - Wednesday 6th - Friday 8th December

Peter generously(?) allowed a free go at the second set of 30 bets to turn another £100 into a grand, so I will include this attempt as part of the review.

Just one of the six selections placed over these two days, so overall a loss of £25 at the suggested odds/stakes, bank currently at £35 if you used the suggested stakes, down from £100 at the start of this second attempt at the grand.

Another poor start to the second challenge.

Day Nineteen - Saturday 9th December

Win Bet - Mars Harper 9/2 - 2:17 Navan

EW Bet - Fiftyshadesofred 14/1 - 6:45 Newcastle

The bank was down to £35 before today's tips so we need a good result - unfortunately both lost again.

Day Twenty - Sunday 10th December 2023

Win Bet - Intoxicata 4/1 - 1:20 Wolverhampton

EW Bet - Flatley 12/1 - 3:50 Wolverhampton

The bank was now £15 but the tips just said place two bets again with £10 on each, so that would leave a negative bank, both lost again.

Day Twenty One - Monday 11th December

Win Bet - Hilltown 15/2 - 3:35 Lingfield

EW Bet - Bargain Basement 14/1 - 5:30 Chelmsford

The bank is now magically £95 - basically he's assuming everyone is adding another £100 to carry on with. Both these lost as well.

Day Twenty Two - Tuesday 12th December 2023

Win Bet - Luas 13/2 - 5:30 Southwell

EW Bet - Storm Mahler 22/1 - 3:00 Punchestown

Both lost, as usual.

Day Twenty Three - Wednesday 13th December 2023

Win Bet - Lyrical Genius 5/1 - 2:50 Exeter

EW Bet - Cherry Bloom 16/1 - 5:15 Dundalk

One thing I noticed today was the odds of the second horse were nowhere near those given - best I could find was 8/1 using Oddschecker and there was no indication on their 'Market Movers' page that this horse had been at better odds. This begs the question is this intentional or a mistake?

Day Twenty Three - Thursday 14th December 2023

Win Bet - Horn Cape 7/2 - 1:40 Newcastle

EW Bet - Wee Jerry 10/1 - 2:55 Naas

We had a winner today, 2.5 points of profit bringing the bank back up to £60 but remember we put an extra £100 in so overall down £140 to date.

Day Twenty Four - Friday 15th December 2023

Win Bet - Stone Of Destiny 17/2 - 5:00 Southwell

EW Bet - Pougne Aminta 20/1 - 1:50 Cheltenham

Another winner! Bank is now at £135 so down £65 now, can he pull this back into profit again?

Day Twenty Five - Saturday 16th December 2023

Win Bet - Mofasa 9/2 - 12:40 Cheltenham

EW Bet - Nine Elms 16/1 - 5:00 Wolverhampton

Two losses today, bank is now down to £115 and just five more days to go.

Day Twenty Six - Sunday 17th December 2023

This is the last entry as I haven't heard from Peter since, both these lostas well, leaving us £166 down overall.

Day Twenty Seven - Monday 1st January 2024

Well out of the blue I got another email with details of the first bet for the third attempt at getting a grand. I won't post every single day but I will give updates every week roughly to let you know how this attempt turns out.

Day Thirty Four - Monday 8th January 2024

So one week into this attempt and it's actually been a decent start with a couple of winners - at one stage we were over £100 up but a couple of losing days sees the bank currently at £184 which is a nice profit so far.

Day Forty One - Monday 15th January 2024

A so-so week with a winner and some losses but overall holding around the same level of profit with £189 in the bank.


I can't recommend this system on the basis of such a small profit in the first round and then the big losses in the second and third attempt pending.

One worrying thing is the URL no longer works but redirects to another betting system which is always a bit of an alarm bell. You can see for yourself if you click the link near the top of this page. You'll also see it's written by someone different.

Be careful out there!